The organizers encourage participants to treat this workshop like a trial assignment involving the covering of a low intensity conflict and filing images from the field. After training the participants will be given an opportunity to put their newly learned skills to the test in a series of field exercises. The Field Exercises will be strenuous and will take place even during inclement weather, participants will be expected to carry with them over tough terrain, everything they need to survive and work in the field for the duration of the Field Exercises. (A suggested packing list will be sent to you as part of your briefing package)

Using Demonstrations, Battle Field Simulations and a range of carefully thought out scenarios the instructors and additional staff will help workshop participants experience some of the chaos and stress of the battlefield and teach them how to work safely and productively amidst these conditions.

Participants should be prepared for clothing and equipment to get dirty and potentially damaged. Everyone should appreciate that covering combat operations is a very demanding activity and that physical and mental fitness are crucial. In conflict zones there is often a lack of basic infrastructure and securing clean drinking water, food, shelter and power can be major challenges. The more self sufficient you are whilst in the field the less of a drain you are on the combatants you are there to document and you will gain an increased level of respect from them as a result. Also the ability to adapt to new situations that may be fluid or constantly changing will result in being capable of maximizing every opportunity that arises.

The Instructors

Our team of photographers and military advisors have a combined experience of more than 60 years spent working in many of the most dangerous places on earth including Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia, Iran, Chechnya, Sudan, Somalia, Burma, Lebanon, Israel, Northern Ireland, Libya, Angola and Ukraine etc...
Their work has appeared in many of the worlds major publications and they have received numerous awards for the work but most importantly they have real time, first hand knowledge of dealing with the multiple threats and extreme risk associated with working in these war zones.

The instructors all have battle tested proven competence and their bodies of work are a testament to the skills they have honed over their careers. Over the duration of the workshop participants will receive both theoretical and practical training in everything from Battle Field First Aid Drills and IED awareness through to assignment planning, editing, captioning and ethical behavior as well as how to work, survive and maintain themselves and their equipment in the field.

Conflict Photography Workshops 2020 instructors will include photojournalists Eric Bouvet and Jason P. Howe. They are adept at securing, planning and executing assignments at every stage from negotiating with clients through to shooting, editing and filing from the field. This treasure trove of on the ground expertise including all their tips, tricks and drills that they have developed over the years to help them remain safe and get the job done will be yours to tap into throughout the workshop.

Additional aspects of your training such as Battle Field First Aid Drills, IED Awareness, Personal Security and Fieldcraft will be handled by our military advisors who have more than two decades of front line experience, serving with the British Army on multiple tours including Iraq and Afghanistan and are trained medics, counter IED instructors and have experience working in the civilian sector as close protection operatives and safety advisors for various media organisations.

*In the event that any individual instructors are unable to make it to the workshop due to unforeseen occurrences or events beyond their control suitable replacement instructors will take their place.


Next Course: November 2021. Andalusia, Spain.

To be considered for this year's workshop please submit a portfolio of 10-20 images or a link to online work by email to showing the range of your photography. Once we have reviewed your work we will get back to you to confirm your eligibility for the workshop. Each workshop is limited to 12 participants. Once you have been accepted into the workshop you will be contacted to pay a deposit.

Fees: €1800 (EUR) per participant. This fee includes all tuition, accommodation, full board, and transportation to/from Ronda railway station. Not included: Travel expenses, personal equipment and insurance*. A €400 non-refundable deposit to be paid when booking. Once the deposit has been received we will send you an extensive briefing package complete with a packing list and suggestions on how to prepare yourself for this unique training experience. The balance of fees to be paid no later than 20th February 2020.

Our base of operations for the duration of the 2020 Conflict Photography Workshop is a 25 acre estate situated in the mountains of Malaga Province, Andalusia in southern Spain. The location is approximately 40 kilometers from the town of Ronda and 150 kilometers from Malaga international airport.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Given that the aim of this course is to prepare participants for hostile environments there is an element of risk associated with the activities, simulations and scenarios involved. These are no greater than those encountered in most outdoor pursuits such as mountain trekking, orienteering and Air-Soft or Paint-Balling but each participant will be required to sign a disclaimer and show proof of insurance before being permitted to take part in the course.

**REFUNDS: All fees will be returned in the event that the entire course has to be cancelled by the organizers due to unforeseen occurrences or events beyond their control.

***VISAS: If you require a visa to enter Spain, it is your responsibility to procure the visa. Unfortunantely we are unable to assist in that process.